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Halloween Music Lives is a living Playlist of DANCE-ABLE Halloween and Cosplay style music. It’s really that simple!

We started in 2010 producing this music and fell in love with the whole spirit of Halloween. Soon we found a HUGE community of like minded people from around the world and launched the playlist

We are selective; Songs must be Halloween and/or Cos play related. They must have lyrics or lyrical content AND must make us feel like dancing. Thousands of submissions later, we have 29 songs we feel met that criteria. Genres DONT matter to us, whats does is that the song Grooves, Twerks, Head Bangs or Bumps us into a dance frenzy. Thats what you will find on the HML palylist.

It's a growing community, HML, and we want MORE monsters. We never ask for money, we never will. This tribe is dedicated to all of us who love the spirit of Cos play and Halloween Gatherings, that is it. No one here will step on your art or try to make money with your art.

SHARE US, Follow Us everywhere BUT more importantly send us some SLAMMING awesome tracks that we can add to our playlist. Just upload it to SOUND CLOUD or YOU TUBE and send us the link. If our producers like it YOU win a spot on the playlist

While you are at it take a look at our videos on YOUTUBE and check out who DJ Hal has collaborated with on PINREST, it may surprise you!

Why be on our playlist? For Ten Days before Halloween we promote it HEAVILY, you can be part of that promotion for FREE if your song moves the tribe.”

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  • da monsta mash uptemo
  • nosferatu blues
  • da monsta mash

    The latest tracks by yours truly, DJ HAL. Click on the images to the left to check out our tracks.

    You can also check us out directly on our Soundcloud.

zombies are rising

We hope you enjoyed our latest production,
"Attention, The Zombies Are Rising Up"
You can still check it out on our soundcloud. Remember, it's never the wrong time for the halloween spirit!